DRDustin Ruetz


Hello! 👋 I'm Dustin Ruetz.*

Pictured: Me accepting the prestigious and completely real Digital CEO "award" at Koodo Mobile.

I've worked professionally as a web developer since 2016. I think it's safe to say that most people are aware of how incredibly fast-paced the technology industry is, and my experience has been that it's a humbling reminder of how quickly time passes as well; it never ceases to amaze me how much I've learned and how many problems I've solved in the past seven years. I describe myself as a technical individual with a creative streak, someone who enjoys adapting things to work in ways that their creators did not originally intend.

As a web developer my foundational skills are centred on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While web technologies are constantly changing and evolving, the ones that I enjoy working with the most include:

  • Backend: Express
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Framework: Gatsby, Next.js
  • Frontend: Pug, React, Sass
  • Tooling: esbuild, Jest, TypeScript, Webpack

* Wondering how to say my last name? It's pronounced "Ritz", like the swanky hotels; no affiliation.